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Our Story

The formula for optimal brain health and better living starts with superior nutrients. Our story began with a family conversation that explored the relationship between nutrition and
brain health...

2014 ~
Getting Started

Honeybrains was sparked by a conversation between 3 family members, which evolved into a deeper exploration of the relationship between brain health and nutrition.

One of the family members is a neurologist who spent years studying how nutrition and lifestyle affects brain function. We could not believe how much scientific knowledge already existed about how to maximize brain health and how little was available, which led us to create Honeybrains.

2016 ~
Off the Ground

We formed Honeybrains to translate the most reliable scientific evidence about brain health into broadly accessible products that can enrich and empower our lives. We began by creating foods filled with the nutrients that all of our brains need to be at their best, and that few of us get enough of, and sharing that knowledge
with others.


After years of neurology-based research and experience, we formulated a nutrient-based line of brain health products that are 100% based on neuroscience. Our supplements can be used individually or stacked together to promote brain health and better living. You can find them online or at our restaurant cafes, where people come together to enjoy flavorful foods and drinks filled with essential brain nutrients.

Our Vision For
The Future

We want everyone to have access to superior nutrients for their brain, the latest brain health knowledge, and the power of a healthy brain. We are driven each day to contribute to your health and happiness, and our collective well‑being.

Our Process

Everything we do is 100% based on neuroscience, created by a neurologist, and designed to contribute to key aspects of your health and well-being.